Welcome to Datsun Hell!

Here's the car as it came out of Seth's driveway. Yes, that is moss growing on the hood.

A couple of details. The rust along the seams isn't as bad as it looks.

The off-color paint should have clued me in as to what was waiting under the rocker panels. Someone had slapped bondo over a bunch of rust, which was hiding most of the nasty stuff.

This is a 1962 Datsun L320 1200 pickup.

Seth got this car about four years ago from someone who had it sitting around and didn't want it, they were going to have it hauled away to a junkyard, but said Seth could save them the trouble and haul it away himself, which he did.

No auto web page would be complete without an engine shot, so here it is. Some previous owner has replaced the carb with a Weber DGV, and the ignition coil and alternator are now Bosch.

Restoration Pictures

The pictures of the work in progress were getting huge, so I moved them off to a seperate page.


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